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    A holistic approach to a delicate time of the month
      or change-of-phase of a woman's life

    An herbal alternative to ease the emotional &physical

      discomforts of PMS & menopausal conditions

Wild Yam

In cultures whose diets consist of an abundance of fresh produce such as vegetable, soy, yam and fish, women enjoy a healthy life with few complaints of menstrual cramps and other symptoms of PMS.

In contrast, the lack of wellness in modern women can be traced to environmental, job-related stresses and a daily diet of preservative laden foods. The perception of PMS and menopausal conditions has been instilled in young women, even before puberty, as an inevitable phase to be endured, and therefore, for many, a self-fulfilled prophesy.

Menstruation should be viewed as a natural process of elimination, simply cleansing the lining of the uterus in the absence of a fertilized ovum. Menopause is a natural transition in a woman's life from her productive responsibility to liberation to live fully as a whole person.

The wellness of the human body depends on the principle of equilibrium, as the term homeostasis implies. There is an auto-regulatory process of such substances as hormones that link to the well-being of a woman. With over 70 identifiable symptoms of PMS and menopausal conditions, the ability to address each one is impossible.

The holistic approach is to believe our body as whole, instead of defective, and by that, we create a condition for healing and wellness to occur within ourselves. With a lifestyle of proper diet and exercise, most symptoms should ebb gradually. The actural mechanism of herbal therapy has been debated (especially among the medical establishment), though the success of overcoming the symptoms related to menstrual cycles and menopausal conditions have been common knowledge in other cultures for a long time. Many women still prefer this natural alternative of herbs to assist the body's own healing power rather than overriding the deficiency in progesterone with a drug product.

For almost two decades, women have been using an herbal Wild Yam body cream for relieving symptoms of PMS. Thousands of women have used out Woman's Harmony, formulated with 10% of standardized Wild Yam extract in a moisturizing base cream... with great results!

Dong Quai

There are over 5,000 plants that make sterols that are progestogenic. However, for those the relief is not readily forthcoming, the symptoms in the PMS complex may be derived from causes other than relative progesterone deficiency. Other than Wild Yam, nature has provided an abundance of herbs for woman's health. The selection from a myriad of herbs is based purely on Eastern medical traditions of years of empirical experimentation and observation, rather than Western way of scientific theory and hypothesis. The most commonly used herbs are Dong Quai, Chasteberry & Black Cohosh, because of their general effectiveness, safety and availability.

Chinses doctors have been using Dong Quai as a blood tonic for pains involving the reproductive organs and establishing normal menstrual cycles. Eastern herbalists and European homeopaths alike believe the best approach to hormone imbalance is to have optimum liver function. Dong Quai and Wild Yam are herbs most identified as liver tonics.

Chasteberry has been used in Europe to remedy a number of hormonal irregularities, especially condtions of the female reproductive system and menstrual cycles. Black Cohosh is antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory. Western herbalist frequently use it, in combination with Chasteberry, to ease menstrual disorders and pains due to blood stagnations.

The uniqueness of herbal therapy is that these herbs do not force artificially high levels of progesterone. Instead, it is believed that regular use of these herbs assist the body's own mechanisms to balance all related hormones, restore serenity and sense of well-being as a whole person. Most importantly, they are safe and have no side effects. These herbs have been used by women in different parts of the world for centuries. Experiment and decide what works best for your own body and its response to them.

Woman's Balance is such an herbal cream formulated with Dong Qaui, Wild Yam, Chasteberry and Black Cohosh as its principal herbal ingredients. for the specific purpose of easing the common discomforts associated with a woman's reproductive cycles: PMS, menstrual pains and menopausal condition.

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Note: This information sheet is offered only as a reference to individuals who prefer an herbal alternative and are knowledgeable in such subject matters. These herbal body creams are not intended as prescribing treatments or supersede any medical consultations. No medical claims are intended.
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