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Anti-Aging Bio-Skin Care
Product Function Skin Type Time to use
 Bio-Skin Repair  anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, outer skin protection   N, M, D   morning, night
 Bio-Skin Renewal  exfoliate, cell renewal & hydrate   N, M, D   before bedtime
 Bio Zone  anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, outer skin protection   All   anytime
 Bio Cleanse  remove dirt, perspiration & eye makeup   All   before any skin care
 Bio Tone  tighten enlarged pores, skin refreshening   All   after cleansing
 Bio-Skin FCM  lotion for firming, contouring & moisturizing   All   after bath, anytime feeling dry

Exquisite Treatment Skin Care
  Sea Legend   for dry & mature skin M, D   morning, night
  Sea Legend HB   for moisturizing, firming, treatment of cellulitis   M, D   after bath, anytime feeling dry
  Renovare   treatment of dry & premature skin   All   morning, night
  C Maxim   lightens skin complexion, repair UV damage   All   moring, night
  Elixir C   lightens skin complexion, repair UV damage   All   moring, night
  Exfoliare   botanical AHA/BHA exfoliants   N, M, D   before bedtime
  Vanish   instant line eraser All   morning, night
  La Vie des yeux - eye cream   multi-action eye cream All   morning, night

Adult Acne & Rosacea Skin Care
  Phlorogine Treatment   control oiliness, black/whiteheads & breakouts   O   morning, night
  Phloro Plus   control oiliness, inflammation of acneic skin   O   morning, night
  Purifying Cleanser   oil-free cleanser for acne-prone skin   O   before treatments
  Clarifying Toner   skin conditioner & pH balancer   O   after treatments
  Fruit Acids Gel   oil-free exfoliant, skin smoothening   All*   post-treatment
  Jojoba Beads Scrub   to smoothen rough skin areas ( acne scars )   All*   post-treatment
  Rosacea Soothing Cream   anti-inflammatory, anti-baterial for rosacea skin   Rsc skin   morning, night
  Rosacea Cleansing Lotion   anti-inflammatory, anti-redness & moisturizing   Rsc skin   morning, night

Lighter & Brighter Derma Skin Care
  DermaBrite   for fading brown, age spots & splotches   All   morning, night
  DermaFade   for fading brown, age spots & splotches   All   morning, night
  DermaLite    to even skin tone & lighten skin complexion   All   morning, night
  SunDew (SPF-30)    moisturizing lotion with SPF-30 sunblock   All   morning, before sun

Fruit Enzyme Skin Care
  Pinapaya Enzyme Mask   exfoliate stubborn layer of dead skin   All   nightime
  Pinapaya Enzyme Cleanser   exfoliating cleanser   All   morning, night
  Pinapaya Enzyme Polish   green papaya enzyme face/body polish   All   anytime
  SunDew (SPF-30)    moisturizing lotion with SPF-30 sunblock   All   morning, before sun

  N=Normal   M=Mature   D=Simple Dry Skin   O=Oily or Acneic Skin   =except sensitive Skin

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