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Fig.1 Comedones (white heads & black heads) - an early sign of acne.

Adult Acne - Background

Acne is pretty much a genetic accident in the structure and working of the skin that some people have while others do not. It is the most common skin problem for teenagers, as well as adult. There is no cure, though its effects can be virtually eliminated with vigilant skin care treatment.step.

Generally, there are four grades of acne, from mild cases of blackheads and whiteheads to severe cases of inflamed acne papules or pustules. The severe cases require proper medical attention. For the majority cases of mild acne, healing may come naturally, but it will happen much sooner, more consistently and with chances of non-recurrence with good, sensible skin care treatment. People affected are considered to have oily and problem or acne-prone skin types.

Twenty percent (20%) of the adult population is afflicted with acne and mostly are women. The incidence of acne in women is increasing at an alarming rate. Some studies indicate 40-50% in the age group 20-40 with at least low grade, persistent acne. Modern-day job related stress, pollution, poor nutrition and bad cosmetics are among the major contributing factors. Dermatologists believe that mineral oils (such as petrolatum), propylene glycol and chemical preservatives in most cosmetics can irritate the follicles to cause whiteheads and pimples. In fact, most moisturizer with any oil ingredients should be avoided.

Acne treatments currently available on the market are usually the over-the-counter acne products containing benzoyl peroxide, sold in drug stores that aim at the teen market. Common complaints are side effects such as dryness, itching and blotchiness, some aggravates further eruption.

" These are definitely the best skin care products I have ever used. Being a more "mature" user, many of the acne products are not satisfactory, and dry my skin out too much. Thanks for such wonderful helps!"
          Dolores M. Gelly - Atlanta GA USA

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Fig. 2 Acne Vulgaris on the nape of the neck.

Phlorogine Treatment Researchers have been constantly looking for the most effective ways to combat common adult acne without succumbing to these annoying side effects. In France, a recent scientific study of an algae extract appeared to give a complete and unique answer to the most direct causes of oily skin disorders. After elaborate laboratory tests and double-blind studies on several groups of individuals, an extract named Phlorogine was finally produced from this unique marine seaweed for treating this oily skin disorder. This treatment is equally effective for women ,men & teens.

A simple, preservative-free, non-intrusive skin care is formulated for adult acne by Beauty Naturally called the Phlorogine Treatment combining the unique properties of the Phlorogine components with natural fruit acids and willow bark extracts. This natural adult cane formula is specifically aimed to control this skin disorder on all fronts:       

stops inflammation, regulates oiliness, moisturizes and purifies the skin

A blackhead could mean the final stage of mild adult acne, since the impaction has opened up & the pres-sure is off. The next step is to purge its content. To ensure the ending of this skin disorder, preventing inflammation from bacterial action is important, with efficient exfoliation of the impaction of dead skin and excess sebum.

If the above skin care treatment have no effects on the inflamed acne, medical attention is required. There is no cure for acne, only control. In majority cases of adult acne, this Phlorogine Treatment skin care can control these effects very adequately.

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