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Q   What is Lash Life?

A:    Lash life is a cosmetic containing a unique and effective combination of oils put into     formulation under specific laboratory conditions. It is non-toxic & entirely free of hormones or drugs. Most importantly, itís made up of all natural ingredients with no chemical additives, perfumes, coloring agents or synthetic compounds.

Q:    When was Lash Life developed?

A:    Lash Life formula was first developed and marketed over twenty-one years ago and is by no means a new pro- duct. It is, however, a product recently introduced to wide-scale marketing.

Q:    How does Lash Life work?

A:    This unique formula simply stimulates the follicle to draw from the bloodstream, those nutrients necessary to keep it healthy and active, encouraging it to reach its full potential.

Q:    How long does it take for results to appear?

A:    Our studies indicate the average person notices results within 60 days. It varies from person to person. There is a natural inactive grown phase, called telogen, for eyelashes and eyebrows. This inactive period lasts for some 105 days. If one begins application at the start of this inactive phase, naturally results will come slow. Rarely does it take this long... some have reported favorable results in as little as twenty days.

Q:    Does everyone achieve the same results?

A:    Again, it varies from person to person. Manufacturer claims recently tests show 3 out of 1,000 fail to achieve results, a success ratio far exceeds any other products in and out of the cosmetic field.

Q:    Must I use Lash Life each night forever?

A:    No, a maintenance program of 3-4 days per week after achieving initial results is desired . Same as scalp hair, lashes & brows are consstantly in a period of regrowth. This ensures continuing results.

Q:   Will Lash Life creat new lashes and brows Iíve never had before?

A:   No, nothing can! You are born with all the follicles for lashes & brows you will ever have . Lash life stimulates all of them, however, so they can achieve the maximum potential fo length and fullness.

Q:   Is it necessary to remove my eye makeup before appling Lash Life?

A:  Yes, remove all eye makeup by whatever routine you prefer. If you are using an oil based remover (cleansing cream or vaseline product) it is vitally important that you follow up by thoroughly washing the eye area using mild soap (oil acts as a barrierto Lash Life)   Be sure to splash water on the face generously to rinse away all soap, thus preventing drying the skin. Pat dry & apply Lash Life.

Q:   How much Lash Life should I use during an application?

A:   It only takes a small amount, so use it sparingly. A vial should last 3 to 4 months, even when used on a daily basis. When pulling out the appllicator to tilt the wand slightly, thus removing the excess on the vial collar.

Q:   What signs should I look for when determining results?

A:   The outer lashes are most noticeable, so look for an increase in length here first. You may notice a second row of lashes coming in over existing lashes (you probably havenít seen these since you were a baby!). In addition, you may deetect a few, almost unnoticeable raised spots on the edges of the eyelids. Do not be alarmed - this is simply a follicle that has been inactive for some time. Once the lash reaches the surface, the raised spot disap pears immediately.