Beauty Naturally®-fading darkened spots and lightening skin complexion

FAQs on fading darkened spots
& lightening skin complexion

Q:         What are darkened spots such as brown or age spots, freckles, brown splotches, etc.?

A:           Age or brown spots are small areas found commonly on the face and hands where there is a focal overproduction of melanin (dark pigment in the skin cell).  Cumulative sun-provoked melanin forms brown or age spots,   more prominent and in higher density as we age. Freckles are clusters of skin cells with more than normal melanin.   Melasma, appeared as brown splotches, tend to affect women during pregnancy or the period of taking birth control pills.  

Q:         What is hydroquinone?

A:           Hydroquinone is a phenol, obtained from coal tar, usually manufactured in the laboratory.  It can cause depigmentation in a 2% solution by simply blocking further melanin synthesis.  FDA Monogram Review allows that percentage for over-the-counter sale,  though dermatologists  traditionally prescribed 4% to treat skin hyperpigmentation and lighten darkened spots. 

Q:         Why does Beauty Naturally emphasize hydroquinone-free in its products?

A:           Hydroquinone a aynthetic chemical, is considered by OSHA as Hazardous Substance. It cause concern for people with prolong use.   For those allergic or sensitive to hydroquinone   Beauty Naturally carefully selects the purest form of botanical extracts that are just as effective for fading age spot and skin pigment lightening. Users feel safe for continuous use, without fear of adverse side-effects.    

Q:         What does Beauty Naturally use that is different & effective?

A:           The main active ingredient in DermaBrite , DermaFade & DermaLite is a purified Glabridin (an isolated component of licorice ), tested to be 7 times more effective than hydroquinone for the same concentration. Other ingredients, such as kojic acid, fruit acids, meadowsweet are also used. This DermaLite Skin Care product line works on two levels: not only inhibits melanin production, as in hydroquinone, it hastens the reduction of the existing darkened cells on the top layer that are responsible for the coloration as well, through gentle exfoliation.  

Q:         How are the differences between DermaFade, DermaBrite and DermaLite?

A:           DermaFade is a gel-emulsion serum specifically formulated to target just the darkened areas such as brown spots, splotches, freckles, etc.. It lightens only the skin area of application. People with oily skin may find DermaFade a little bit oily, when apply to the entire face 

               DermaBrite is an oil-free, clear serum. It can be applied to the entire face for people who would like to restore to a lighter and fairer complexion, without the feeling of oiliness. You can apply moisturizer and/or makeup over it. With con-centration of active ingredients near that of dermatologist's prescriptive hydroquinone, a few drops are sufficient for the entire face.  

              DermaLite is a treatment, moisturizing cream formulated to deliver a healthy, youthful-looking skin with a lighter & brighter over-all skintone … also a great maintenance cream to stablilize melanin production for that fair skin look.  

Q:         Is the fading effect and the complexion on the skin permanent?

A:           Botanical or drug-like hydroquinone products alike, it will maintain as long as the product is used (like a clean face, it becomes dirty when you stop washing it).  

Q:       Are they suited for all skin types?

A:           Yes,  including sensitive skin.  For very oily or acne-prone skin,  Elixir C, a vitamin C & E serum, is preferred instead of DermaLite. 

Q:          Are they safe to use continuously?

A:            Yes!  Because Beauty Naturally products are formulated only with plant & herbal extracts as active ingredients,  known to be safe with no known side effects.  After a couple of months, give it a rest for two weeks to check the stability of reduced melanin production.  Any averse change to your dislike, stop!