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    Extract from camfrey root, sugar beets, or synthetically from uric acid, anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and a great skin-soothing agent.

Aloe Vera:
    A manno-protein containing 18 amino acids, called "wound healng hormones". Clinically tested to stimulate cell-growth in damaged skin, together with its aspirin-like effect in wounds and burnt tissues, aloe vera is a natural ingredient of choice in many formulas of Beauty Naturally skin care products.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids :
    Better known for its acronym, AHA, refers to a group of weak glycolic, latic, malic, citric and tartaric, an all natural exfoliant that encourages rapid cell renewal.

AmiGel :
    A polysaccharide containing glucose as the sole monomer. Used as a gelling and thickening agent., thoroughly bio-degradable.

Ascorbic Acid Polypeptides:
    Vitamin C in nature is always conjugated with water-soluble protein or polypeptides. Elixic C formula incorporates a vitamin C complex similar to that in its natural form. Therefore, it's extremely stable and readily available to convert to vitamin C, when applied to the skin.

Ascorbyl Palmitate:
    An ester of ascorbic acid, an anti-oxidant & preservative.

Avocado Oil :
    Natural oil derived from avocado, skin softener and conditioner.

Beta Glucan :
    Beta glucans are sugar molecules found in every living organism. Of particular interest, beta-1, 3-glucan, derived from the cell wall of Baker's yeast, is considered to be one of the most potent stimulator of the immune system of the body.

Benzethonium Chloride :
    Use therapeutically as a topical anti-infective, antiseptic and anti-acneic agent.

Bladderwrack Extract :
    Classified as a seaweed or seawrack, considered to have moisturizing & soothing properties, used in the external treatment of cellulitus, sprains & bruises.

Capryloyl Glycin :
    A lipo-aminoacid with antiseptic & anti-microbial properties, equally effective in combating bacteria found in acne lesions as benzoyl peroxide, commonly used in acne medications, without its characteristic dryness & irritancy.

Castor Oil :
    Extract from castor bean, a great carrier oil soothing to the skin.

Centella Asiatica :
    A specific variety of "gotu kola" found only in Madagascar, known to be beneficial in skin care areas such as reduction of visible wrinkles, dark under-eye circles, cellutitis, also contributing to firming and healing of stretch marks & strengthening areas of very fine skin.

Ceramide :
    A main component of the intercellular lipids that is responsible for cell cohesion at the top layer of the epidermis, the stratum corneum. A healthy stratum corneum maintains the balance of transepidermal water loss (TEWL) at the skin barrier to provide effective hydration.

Cetearyl Glucoside :
    Principal emusifier in the formulas for most Beauty Naturally products. The brand used is an all natural emulsifier, derived from corn and coconut oil, without the use of a chemical reagent or even an organic solvent.

Cetyl Alcohol :
    Not an "alcohol" in the sense of a rubbing alcohol, etc. It's actual used as an emollient & emulsifier, derived from coconut oil or may be synthetically produced.

Chamomile :
    A daisy-like white & yellow flower head, known to reduce inflammation, external swelling, soothe skin irritation.

Citric Acid :
    Derived from citrus fruit, a natural pH adjuster.

Citrus Extract :
    Extraction from citrus fruit. A natural ingredient in the Mix Fruit Acids.

Dimethicone :
    An oil derived from silicone, a substance extracted from rocks and sand, used to facilitate smoothness to the skin.

Di/Cyclomethicone :
    An inert fluid of dense viscosity, promotes easy spread, leaves soft, smooth feel to the skin.

EDTA-4Na :
    A synthetic chemical that removes metals or mineral ions from solution. Used as a preservative & anti-oxidant. Irritating to the skin if more than 5% (less than 0.1% used).

Glucamate SSE20 :
    Safe, mild & effective nonionic emulsifier, clarifies oils into water.

Glycerin :
    Emollient derived only from vegetable oil used in Beauty Naturally products.

Glycol Stearate :
    Emulsifying and spreading agent.

Glycyrrhetinic Acid Phytosome :
    Licorice derivatives. Anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, anti-puffiness, especially effective for eye area, soothing to irritated skin. Phytosome chemistry termed for complexing with purified soy phospholipids to facilitate a longer release of the active for better bioavailability, in the same manner as liposome, only more effective.

Green Papaya Conc. :
    Green papaya from Hawaii contains the most potent enzyme, papain. This powerful enzyme dissolves the dead and damaged skin readily, while leaving new and healthy cell intact Only fresh, green papaya is used for Beauty Naturally Green Papaya Enzyme Products. Green papaya is at its peak of enzymatic activity only for a period of 4-6 months, then rapidly diminishes. At Beauty Naturally, the demand always exceeds supply & the products are sold within the month they are produced.

Horse Chestnut :
    A natural astringent derived from this herbal extract. A vasoconstrictor also Used to control inflammation of connecting tissue (cellulitis).

Hyaluronic Acid :
    Super moisturizer, one molecule holds 214 molecules of water, constantly attracting moisture to skin. One of the natural moisturizer factors (NMF's) found in skin, though in decreasing amount with age. Miscible with skin sebum, with its ability to fill up space between collagen & elastic fibres and skin cells, it acts sort of like an instant " face lift" of fine lines & wrinkle.

Jojoba Beads :
    Free-flowing spheres made from natural jojoba ester. Used as a body/facial scrub, the microspheres have no jagged edges to leave micro-laceration in the skin the way walnut shell, pumice or polyethene in other facial scrubs can.

Jojoba Oil :
    Technically it is not an oil, but an ester, completely miscible with skin sebum, a light "oil-free emollient for the skin.

Kojic Acid :
    A natural skin lightener from a mushroom extract, with a remarkable ability to fade age spots & lighten skin complexion , a gentle alternative to drug-like hydroquinone. Not as strong as Licorice PTH for fading specific spots or splotches, but more suitable in whitening over-all skin complexion. No known side effect for extended use.

L-Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) :
    Vitamin C acid is a powerful anti-oxidant and inhibitor of melanin formation. Stimulates collagen production, promotes healthy looking skin. By itself, this ingredient is very unstable, but once stabilized as an integral part of the C-complex in the formula, it becomes bio-available to the skin, when applied.

Lecinol S10 :
    Natural lecithin forms liposome, the most common phospholipid found in all layers of skin, makes skin soft & supple.

Licorice Phytosome :
    same as Glycyrrhetinic Acid Phytosome.

Licorice PTH :
    Specially purified extract of licorice root, with high percentage of the glabridin component, effective in inhibiting melanin production, responsible for the dark pigmentation of the skin. Laboratory studies indicate this concentrate to be 7 times more effective than drug-like hydroquinone, commonly used by dermatologists for skin whitening.

Meadowsweet :
    Botanical extract of Spiraea Ulmaira, a natural source of beta hydroxy acid, an effective exfoliant deep into the pores of the skin. It has an antiseptic quality due to its salicylic acid content, sort of herbal aspirin.

Methyl Gluceth-10 :
    A naturally-derived emollient, noted for its safety & mildness

Millet Extract :
    An extract from Millet Seed Grain with a high concentration of ceramides, a lipid component of the intercellular material in the stratum corneum (SC) that is responsible for effective skin hydration.

Mix Fruit Acids :
    Proprietary mix of extracts of sugancane, citrus, apple, willow bark & green tea, with similar efficacy as alpha hydroxy acids. Formulas with this mix of all natural extracts exhibit much less irritancy factor when compared to the synthetic glycolic acid products.

    NaPCA : A natural moisturizing factor (NMF's) found in abundance in skin, decreasing with age. This ingredient increases softness & resilience to skin & hair.

NMFs :
    Acronym for Natural Moisturizing Factors. In the last two decades, researchers have identified a group of compound in the skin that attract and hold water, maintaining a good moisture balance to keep our skin soft & supple. As one ages, the ability to produce these NMFs decreases and our skin becomes dry and loses its resiliency. Such understanding slowly revolutionalize skin care technology to beyond just oily cold creams at night.

Orange Blossom :
    A pleasant fragrance from steam distillate of bitter orange blossom, excellent for freshening skin. The flower is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal.

PEG20 Methyl Glucose :
    Corn glucose, auxiliary emulsifier.

Phlorogine :
    A marine seaweed extract from France. The lipidic components of this seaweed address the direct causes of oily and acneic skin disorder. It controls inflammation, regulate oiliness, purifies and moisturizes the skin.

Phospholipids :
    A cholesterol-like compound naturally found in all layers of the skin, except the stratum corneum. It is one of the Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMFs) found in the skin.

Polawax :
    A vegetable-derived, nonionic self-emulsifying & stabilizing agent.

Propylene Glycol :
    Ideally from vegetable glycerine & grain alcohol. In general cosmetics, most used are of synthetic nature. Avoid any formula exceeding 5% of usage.

Rice Bran Oil :
    Rich in vitamin E, similar to wheat germ oil.

Rose Water :
    A non-drying astringent tonic for the skin. Excellent natural fragrance.

Salicylic Acid :
    Found in the leaves of wintergreen, meadowsweet o r willow bark. Unlike synthetically produced salicylic acid used in other products, the natural extract used exhibits no irritation to the skin, still with the same efficacy & potency 5 - 6 times for the same concentration of AHAs.

Sea Kelp :
    Classified as a seaweed, rich in vitamin and minerals with high iodine content to keep skin from wrinkling and sagging. Antiseptic, anti-irritant, especially effective to self-heal of minor burns, both thermal and sun damaged.

SepiGel :
    A safe & non-toxic thickening and stabilizing agent for emulsion.

Sesame Oil :
    A natural emollient oil extracted from sesame seeds.

Shea Butter :
    Fruit butter from Shea tree, heals wounds, sopothes irritated skin. A skin moisturizer of its own right.

Shorea Butter :
    Extract from kernel of Shorea Stenoptera, excellent emollient, silky non-oily feel.

Soybean Oil :
    A natural emollient oil extracted from soybean.

Squalane :
    One of the natural moisturizing factors (NMFs) found in the skin. Beauty Naturally selects a brand derived from virgin olive oil. A super moisturizer, completely miscible with the skin's natural sebum, providing softness to the skin without leaving any oily residue and after-feel.

Sucrose Cocoate :
    Naturally derived sugar ester from coconut. Water soluble, effective cleansing & makeup removing, without stripping the natural sebum of the skin.

Sunflower Oil :
    An emollient extracted from sunflower seeds, rich in essential fatty acid.

Sweet Almond Oil :
    Natural nut oil high in fatty acids, absorbed easily through skin than mineral oil.

Tocopherols (vitamin E) :
    Vitamin E in water soluble form, extracted from vegetable oils. A powerful anti-oxidant that protect cell membranes against damaging effects of free radicals. For years, used in creams & lotions to reduce fine lines & wrinkles.

Witch Hazel :
    Herbal extract in non-alocholic solution. A natural astringent known for shrinking skin pores. Applied externally, it soothes inflammation, burns, infections & insect bites.

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