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The Bio-Skin Care Regimen

      Beauty Naturally® combines ingredients with natural moisturizing factors (NMF's), botanical alpha hydroxy fruit acids (AHA's) and clinically proven skin protector, anti-aging, anti-wrinkling Beta-1,3-glucan to create a complete line of Bio-Skin Care for people of all skin types to rejuvenate prematured aging and weather-abused skin to recapture its youthfulness for years to come!

The basic care of skin , regardless of any problem and no matter what conditions, is as simple as one-two-three-four:

Cleansing, Toning, Cell Renewal & Moisturizing

The Bio-Skin Care Regimen is a simple & flexible routine based on these basic principles as a guideline for use with the products. You are the expert in judging the sensitivity of your own skin... so, work into a regular routine that you are comfortable with!

Natural Skincare Products

    1)    This is the 1st step of the regimen for all skin types. A must!

    Cleanse skin with Bio Cleanse. Pump half-to-one teaspoon amount to the palm of your hand. Rub both hands and apply to entire face & neck with massage motion. Rinse well with warm water and pat dry with soft facial towel.

    2)    The 2nd step of the regimen, Bio Tone is also for all skin types

    on days you don't really feel up to it, the normal skin may skip once or twice, but not too often...

    For normal and oily skin, it removes excess oil and traces of cleanser. Natural Moisturizers

    For mature and often dry skin, its unique blend of moisturizers & nat'l astringents (no alcohol), shrinks pores and firms up the face, without drying the skin.

    Naturally pH balanced, Bio Tone restores the protective acid mantle of your face, before any moisturizing treatments.

    Saturate a cotton pad with Bio Tone. Apply to the entire face (damp but not dripping wet), concentrate on areas where makeup is hard to remove. Wipe away any traces of cleanser with it.

The 3rd & 4th parts of the regimen are for moisturizing treatments. Bio-Skin Renewal, Bio-Skin Repair & Bio Zone are complementary products that can be used individually or in tandem, depending on skin type.

    3)    Use Bio-Skin Renewal, after cleansing and toning Natural Moisturizers

    Apply once a day, before bedtime for the first time users. Spread on face and neck with finger tips. Massage gently in a upward and outward motion, avoiding eye area. Work with problem areas where you feel the skin is hard, dry and scaly.

    Cautions: A slight tingling sensation is expected (it's normal), but if irritation becomes uncomfortable, stop using it for a couple of days, then use a lesser amount. Work up to an optimum level gradually. Natural Moisturizers

    For young normal skin, this step may be optional. Nature is doing a pretty good job in daily exfoliation.

    For the normal, mature and dry skin, this is an effective precursor to the final moisturizing treatment.

    4)   The final stage is Bio Skin Repair and/or Bio Zone.

    At night, apply a thin layer of Repair to facial and neck area (Picture 1 & 5) over the Renewal, Apply in the same manner as Step 3. Spread on ample amount evenly.
    Annoint droplets of Bio Zone around the eye area, the
    T-zone (Picture 2,3 & 4), over lines and wrinkle areas. Massage with finger tips until fully absorbed.

    In the morning, after cleansing & toning, massage lesser amount of Repair & Zone over the same areas until fully absorbed, before makeup.

    Refer to Phlorogine Treatment product line in our catalog to controlling oiliness & adult acne.

    Anytime of the day, Bio Zone is excellent as an in- stant cosmetic
    ‘face-lift’ (after work, before a dinner date, etc.), to smooth out ‘crow’s feet’, eye creases, and other visible lines and wrinkles.

    For the combination skin, the touch-up is a blessing!

For Bio-Skin Care Regimen products and prices,
or call 1-800-432-4323

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