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Bio-Skin Care Regimen

A daily 4-step regimen that unlocks your skin's beauty secrets:

Cleanse, Tone, Cell Renewal & Repair

You are the expert in judging the sensitivity of your own skin ... So, work into a regular routine that you are comfortable with the guideline

The 1st & 2nd steps of the regimen are good practice for any skin care routine, sort of 'prepping' before cell renewal & subsequent skin treatment. Other cleansers and toners may be used, but, to achieve maximum efficacy, we do not recommend it. Bio-Repair, Renewal,  Zone & Cleanse & Bio-Tone

    formulated with renewable & natural ingredient, readily takes off surface dirt, excess oil & dead cells from your face, while retaining the natural sebum, leaving a soft and moist after feel.     Mild & effective, an all-purpose cleanser that is also a great eye-makeup remover!

    Pump one teaspoon amount to the palm. Rub both hands and apply to entire face & neck with massage motion. Rinse well with warm water & pat dry with soft facial towel.

    Bio-Cleanse is for all skin types. Apply day/night before skin care and/or makeup.

    Bio Tone,
    formulated with natural, non-drying astringents and skin soothers, shrinks pores and firms up the face, without drying out the skin. Bio-Tone is pH balanced to protect the acid mantle of your face. The face feels cool, firm and refreshed.

    Saturate a cotton pad (or ball) with Bio Tone. Apply to entire face (damp but not dripping wet), concentrate on areas where makeup is hard to remove. Wipe away any trace of cleanser with it.

    Bio Tone is for all skin types, especially oily & problem skin. Apply before any moisturizing treatment. For normal skin, skipping a day or two is okay.

The 3rd & 4th steps are the essence of Bio-Skin Care. The synergy in the system has a much greater overall effect than can be accounted for by the addition of each individual effectiveness.

    Bio-Skin Renewal
    is not just an exfoliant, with botanical AHA/BHA and NMF's. It is an excellent moisturizer in its own right, but most importantly, it is a precursor to Bio-Skin Repair or Bio Zone. The unique ingredients activate receptor sites on the skin for the final skin treatment.

    The botanical exfoliants in Bio-Skin Renewal is mild, but very potent. Spread on face & neck with finger tips. Massage gently in an upward & outward motion, without completing the full circle. Work with problem areas where you feel the skin is hard, dry & scaly.

    Bio-Skin Renewal is for normal, mature & dry skin. Apply at night, after 1st & 2nd steps, before Repair. Work up to an optimum level gradually. Same in the morning (optional).

    Bio-Skin Repair and/or Bio Zone ...
    the final and the most important step(s)! The formula(s) combines the anti-aging, anti-wrinkle Beta-1,3-Glucan, with NMF's in a licorice- phospholipid phytosome system that not only instantly diminishes the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, it protects & nurture the skin to a healthy, youthful complexion for years to come!

    At night, apply a thin layer of Bio-Skin Repair to facial & neck area over the Renewal, in the same manner. When it disappears, spread on ample amount evenly.

    Anoint droplets of Bio Zone around the eye area, the T-zone and over lines & wrinkle areas. Massage with finger tips until fully absorbed. (see also "Lines & Wrinkles away with Bio Zone")

    In the morning, after cleansing & toning, massage lesser amount of Bio-Skin Repair & Bio Zone over the same areas, until fully absorbed, before makeup.

    Bio-Skin Repair and Bio Zone are for normal, mature & dry skin.

    Bio Zone is especially good for oily skin. For very oily & problem skin, use only Bio Zone. Toning is a must for oily skin, after cleaning face with water or lightly with Bio-Cleanse. Massage Bio Zone lightly to face, especially areas where lines & wrinkles are prominent. (To control oiliness, see Phlorogine Treatment product line )

Boutique Line Bio-Skin Regimen Set    (Repair/Renewal/Zone/Toner/Cleanse)

Qty: Price: $133.50    

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