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How do Natural Fruit Acids work?

Natural Aging Process of Our Skin

The skin is made up of two layers, the epidermis and the dermis. It is the epidermis that is mostly responsible of the appearance of your skin.

The uppermost layer of the epidermis is made up of old dried, damaged cells we generally call dead skin. This layer is meant to be sloughed off, to exfoliate by itself, steadily and naturally. The exfoliation of the dead skin actually stimulates new cell growth in the lower layer. When we are young, this process is very efficient and the skin remains soft, healthy and vibrant. As we age, the process slows down and the accumulated layers of dead skin grow thicker and stiffer. The outer layer of skin begins to crease easily, forming fine lines and building up deep wrinkles to a rough and scaly appearance, the sign of aging.

Natural Fruit Acids

The use of natural fruit acids is not new, though the chemical names of Alpha Hydroxy Acids cames centuries later. Legends of Cleopatra's milk baths are well known in beauty care. Polynesians used sugarcane and fruit juices to soften their skin. The common denominator is a group of natural, non-toxic substances derived from sugarcane, citric and malic acids in fruits, lactic acids from milk, molasses, etc.

Cells in the outer layers of skin are bound together by intercellular fluid. As one ages, this 'glue-like' substance binds the skin cells tighter, more dense. Dead skin layers build up. Unlike young skin, natural exfoliation becomes difficult. Researchers confirm and validate what has been known in ancient time & other cultures: this group of natural acids has the unique ability to loosen this intercellular fluid, therefore, allowing the top layer of dead skin to slough off easily.

All natural fruit acids, from sugarcane, citrus, apple, etc., are much more gentle to the skin and just as effective, used in proper proportions. No actual data to compare & much debates to the effectiveness of competitive products, but, in all, the appearance on the skin is profound.

Fruit Acids Sansation Beauty Naturally® is, presently, marketing a line of products formulated with the purest, all natural fruit acids, willow bark, meadowsweet, green tea extracts and other essential moisturizing ingredients. The intended purpose is to achieve the appearance of a fresher, softer & smoother skin complexion, while maintanining moisture balance on the skin, without irritancy that is associated with the harsher chemical ingredients. Safe & gentle for daily use!

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